Latvia shows substantial increase in fertility

Latvia, the tiny Baltic country of ~2 million, has experienced a significant boost in TFR, inching closer to the replacement level of 2.1 per woman:

Latvia has been showing the fastest increase in the fertility rate among EU member states as the average number of live births per woman in Latvia rose from 1.22 in 2001 to 1.7 in 2015, or by 0.48 births, according to the latest demography data released by Eurostat on Wednesday.

Other European countries, notably those in the East, have also made gains:

The Eurostat data shows that the Czech Republic achieved the second fastest growth of the fertility rate (+0.42), followed by Lithuania (+0.41), Slovenia (+0.36), Bulgaria (+0.32), Romania (+0.31), Sweden (0.28) and Estonia (+0.26).

Although this may slow the decline, it’s worth remembering that the Baltic has faced enormous declines due to EU emigration, low overall fertility, and non-stellar life expectancy.

According to the World Population Review:

The Baltic region as a whole has lost more than 20% of its population since 1992. It is believed that this is the most rapidly depopulating region of the world. There has been no population growth in Latvia since 1992.


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